Botond Kádár became a Fellow (full member) of CIRP

CIRP (The International Academy for Production Engineering, or College International pour la Recherche en Productique) is an international company founded in 1951 for scientific research in production and manufacturing (

The deliberately limited 600-member organization has only 180 Fellow members, whose selection is a long and rigorous process. According to a strict set of requirements, membership is for life.

Dr. Botond Kádár, Managing Director of EPIC InnoLabs, has recently been elected as Fellow member of the highly prestigious organization. This recognition can only be given to internationally recognized scientists who are actively involved in manufacturing science research and communication of results.

Dr. Botond Kádár, Managing Director

CIRP aims in general:

  • Promoting scientific research, related to :
    • manufacturing processes;
    • production equipment and automation;
    • manufacturing systems;
    • product design and manufacturing.
  • Promoting cooperative research among the members of the Academy
  • Creating opportunities for informal contacts among CIRP members at large
  • Promoting the industrial application of the fundamental research work
  • Receiving feed back from industry, related to industrial needs and their evolution
  • Publishing papers, reports, annals and other technical information, organizing and sponsoring international conferences