Research seminar organized by EPIC InnoLabs and Corvinus University

Industry 4.0 Development Directions, Challenges – Competitive and Sustainable Manufacturing

EPIC InnoLabs and the Institute of Informatics of Corvinus University of Budapest are organizing a series of research seminars with the support of the Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform (NTP) and the EU Horizon 2020 ConnectedFactories Project.

The first event will take place on October 29 at 3pm at MS Teams.

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Nowadays, there is a constant search for paths about the digital transformation of production systems and manufacturing-logistics processes, raising a number of issues:

  • Where are domestic and internatinal research heading for the Industry 4.0 paradigm?
  • What are the possible developments for digital factories at EU level?
  • How can we identify the current position of our company in the development of digitalization?
  • What Industry 4.0 technology solutions help to increase the company’s productivity and improve its competitiveness?
  • How can we put our resources at the service of production with less loss?
  • What role will robots play in the industry and service sector?

In the lectures of the research seminar series, we provide an overview of the key technologies and key issues in Industry 4.0, and then answer the above dilemmas by presenting practical examples, highlighting theoretical and practical achievements in simulation modeling, data science, manufacturing optimization, and robotics.

The program of the first occasion: Trends – challenges – dilemmas

  1. Keynote Speaker: József Váncza (SZTAKI, NTP) 30min

The dilemma of competitive and sustainable manufacturing
 Biological transformation of industry
 Crowd Manufacturing
 Urban Factory

2. Keynote Speaker: Gábor Nick (Epic InnoLabs, NTP) 30min

The Industry 4.0 ecosystem

 The Industry 4.0 ecosystem and dominant players;
 Peculiarities of the domestic environment;
 Maturity models

3. Keynote Speaker: Botond Kádár (Epic InnoLabs) 30min

European Factories of the Future Research Association

 Connected Factories
 Cross-cutting Factors
 Pathways

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