DIGILEAN Competence Hub

The DigiLean Competence Hub was founded with the aim of the member companies combining their decades of experience to support the production companies of the domestic industry in their digitization development.

The 12 members of the circle support companies’ efficiency improvement efforts with reliable services, modern industrial digitalization solutions, training and consulting.

Extensive experience is complemented by innovative solutions, a global systems approach and versatility, which promote the continuous development of customers and future partners.

In addition to the development of customers, the organization continuously strives to increase its own efficiency. DigiLean is open to the involvement of new member companies, thereby broadening the scope of the organization’s competence and raising the knowledge they represent to a higher level.

Member companies


The company has been present on the adult education market for more than 34 years, as an accredited institution since 2004. The “Lean management” training programs were included among the licensed training programs, so it currently includes nearly 50 different specific programs. Organizational development activities include diagnostic surveys, soft skills training, executive and team coaching.


Domestic system integrator providing innovative IT and infocommunication services and solutions. Their branches offer complex solutions in the fields of information communication (ICT), engineering design and product life cycle management (PLM), integrated medical software development (eHealth), and hi-tech developments (Innovations Center).


They have been designing and building unique, turnkey, automatic, primarily optical inspection systems for 25 years. The systems implemented by them are flexible, they carry out the entire development themselves and the finished systems are installed and commissioned by their specialists anywhere in the world.


Their focus area is the industrial IoT (Industrial Internet of Things) at the basic level, which means the networking of their physical devices, which produce data that can be used to significantly improve production processes. In addition to being a supplier of automotive parts and tools, they also perform TIER-1 corporate TPM activities.


A company specializing in software development and consulting, their main profile is the design and development of applications that support business processes. The company strives for innovation, continuously expands its competence, economic and technological background. Their professionals have extensive competence and competitive industry knowledge.


It is a joint venture between SZTAKI and the Fraunhofer Society, which offers its customers world-class solutions in the field of production IT based on the decades of cooperation and experience of the two parent institutes. Their mission is to help the actors of the industrial sector with their research, development and consulting services in the digital transformation of industry and the implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept.


With 30 subsidiaries, 4,800 employees, and sales partners in 60 other countries, as one of the leading manufacturers of industrial automation, they are available to their customers worldwide. Thanks to their accumulated industry knowledge through the application of the highest level of production technology, they provide an optimal solution for their customers’ automation aspirations.


The TRIGO Group provides quality solutions in a wide range of automotive, aviation and railway industry services, TRIGO Precíziós Méréstechnika Kft. is a part of it. Their services include accredited calibration covering a wide range of measuring instruments and the associated comprehensive measuring instrument monitoring solutions, with software support available online.


As experts in data-driven industrial solutions, they have been present on the Hungarian market for more than a decade and serve special needs in accordance with the most varied expectations. Their team of 25 electrical engineers and software developers deals with unique electronics development, mid-production data collection and the design and implementation of special IoT solutions.


IT and management consulting company, their specialty is the management of client-side ERP projects. Their services range from the compilation of business requirements, the transformation of processes (BPR) and the preparation of requirements specifications, the tendering of ERP suppliers, all the way to project quality assurance or even project management.


A company operating in the field of industrial, production consultation, consulting and organizational development. Their main activity is the examination and development of processes and organization directly related to production and support functions, the creation and development of new processes, support for expansion of production units, layout design, introduction of changes, as well as assessment of the possibility of digitization and support for the introduction of digital systems.


The company, founded in 2012, was created with the aim of providing professionals active in kaizen, lean and continuous development with all the tools they may need during their work. Their products are made by lean professionals for lean professionals, and they provide their partners with the necessary competence for use.