Excellence in Production Informatics and Control

We are the non-profit joint venture of the Fraunhofer Society and SZTAKI.

The research background and the practical experience of our consultants provides guaranteed support for the customized introduction and use of industrial digitization. This is Industry 4.0 at its best.

Plant simulation. Production scheduling. Data analysis.

Turning good to excellent.

Experience and expertise

We have worked on hundreds of projects, saving millions of dollars and euros for dozens of clients worldwide.


Research background

We are scientists with strong industrial background and real business focus. Our team is the missing element from your talent pool.

Client service

We take client satisfaction seriously. Our job is to make you happy by improving your operation efficiency.



This is the engine that moves our team. We keep searching and researching for a better way – hence our slogan: Developing together.


Botond Kádár

Managing Director

Gábor Nick

Deputy Managing Director

Dávid Czirkó

Digital Manufacturing Team Leader

Ádám Farkas

Optimization Team Leader

Tibor Farkas

Business Development Executive

János Beluzsár

Senior APS Expert

Júlia Bergmann

Senior Data Scientist, Analyst

Markó Horváth

Senior Mathematician, Developer

Ádám Szaller

Senior System Engineer

Zoltán Vén

Senior System Engineer

József Sipos

System Engineer

László Zahorán

Software Developer

Klaudia Zeleny

Data Scientist, Analyst

Anita Varga

Optimisation Expert

Norbert Kiss

Junior System Engineer

Andrea Mácz

Junior System Engineer

Dávid Morassi

Junior Data Scientist, Developer

Vencel Koczka

Junior Developer

Zsófia Illényi

Administration, Data Analyst

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