Many were curious about the digital twin model solution

The second event of the research seminar series of EPIC InnoLabs and the Institute of Informatics of the Corvinus University of Budapest, which was supported by the Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform (NTP) and the EU Horizon 2020 ConnectedFactories Project, was of great interest.

The event was held on December 7 at MS Teams.

The speakers: Gábor Nick and Ádám Szaller (Epic InnoLabs) presented the practical side of industry 4.0, this time with a description of plant simulation and digital twin solutions.

After the introduction words from Gábor Nick, Ádám Szaller spoke about the possibilities of optimizing complex production and logistics systems, presenting the relationship between scientific methods and practical solutions. There was talk of analyzing the “bottleneck” of the modeled system, examining the “what-if” type behavior in an uncertain environment.

The topic of the seminar was the theoretical and practical issues of simulation modeling and production optimization. Their presentation focused on the use of state-of-the-art tool system (s) that address the above challenges, whether they are production-specific tasks within the company or external tasks that affect the entire logistics network.